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    6 Item(s)

    Lights On

    Light-Up Braces

    $53.95 $65.00
    These stylish, light up braces makes you stand out wherever you are. Party people are like a moth to a flame. Be the flame and bring the party to you. ✨ The latest version of this product is the one photographed with the box. This is the actual product you will receive.  🇬🇧Hand-assembled in the UK by an independent designer.

    LED Transparent Suit

    $149.95 $160.00

    Light Up Tutu

    $29.95 $35.00
    This item is a light up tutu which is designed for festival, rave, or party.This luminous tutu has a wire sewn around the outer edge. The wire matches the color of the tutu. The elastic band  fits a 26-36 inch waist

    LED Shaggy Coat

    $59.99 $85.00
    Look like a party everywhere you go. This coat is super warm, perfect for those cold late-night sets at festivals.